Aliver Soak Off Gel Nail Polish Kit

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  • LONG-LASTING GEL BASE AND MATTE TOP COAT: It keeps 15-45 days high gloss for different people. Brilliant gloss shine, durable & high volume, present striking color and required to be cured under the LED lamp.
  • HIGH VALUE MATTE TOP COAT: It can make your nails Mate glossy and prevent them from abrasion, more convenient and suitable for home use. The gel top coat can be applied slightly thick for the result.
  • UPGRADED FORMULA BASE & MATTE TOP COAT SET: With the ingredient of purified water, natural resin & mineral powder, it is no harm to skin. Suggest doing the skin test if you have any concerns.
  • EFFECTIVE FUNCTIONS OF BASE COAT: Increases the adhesion of nail and color gel. Apply a thin and average base coat and make your nail art stay longer. It also could be used with nail decorations, any brands’ gel polish.

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Aliver Base Coat Gel Nail Polish – Enhance the adhesion between the nail polish and real nails, make the nail polish strong and durable, and protect the nail surface. Made of natural resin, nontoxic ingredients, is odorless, environmental and friendly to skin.

Aliver Top Coat Soak Off Polish – Long lasting, transparent and shiny, more wear-resistant and firmer characteristics, Effectively prevent nail scratches, reinforced nail surface. It’s not easy to break or fall off. (Please do not over-cured it or it would peel off easily).

High Shiny & Long Lasting Effect – Mirror shine finish and high-gloss wear, it can last up to 4-6 weeks with proper application. No nicks, chips or smudges. It’s suitable for dip powder nails, artificial nails, acrylic nails, soak off gel nail tips etc.Aliver Soak Off Gel 1 Aliver Soak Off Gel 2 Aliver Soak Off Gel 3 Aliver Soak Off Gel 4, gives a shine effect on your gel nails of any base colors you apply.

Nail Lamp Required – The clear base and top coat gel requires to be cured under the uv or led nail lamp for 30-60s, cure times may vary based on the different nail lamp or the quantity of the gel coat you apply. Aliver gel nail polish kit includes gel base and top coat, perfect for professional salon or home use nail care!


  • Made from 82% naturally sourced ingredients such as sugarcane, cotton, corn, and cassava!
  • Perfect two-coat color coverage, with a super impressive drying time.
  • 10 Free (non-toxic), breathable, water-permeable
  • Certified vegan and cruelty-free with CCF and PETA, plus its 100% high-quality ingredients!
  • Better beauty – for you & for the environment
  • Sweep the brush over each fingernail from base to tip, allow to dry, and repeat for a second coat
  • Fast Drying Gel-Like Top Coat (No UV Light Required)
  • The base coat protects natural nails from staining and helps secure polish to the natural nail. The topcoat gives polish shiny protective finishes.
  • Natural resin, nontoxic, odorless, safe to use.
  • Brighten color and reinforce nail surface.
  • Make the gel more long-lasting and the nails more stronger.
  • Base Coat – Strong adhesion, not easy to fall off.
  • Top Coat – Lasting shiny and 40 day long lasting nail care.
  • Must be cured with UV/LED professional nail dryer lamp.
  • Suitable for dip powder nails, artificial nails, acrylic nails, soak off gel nail tips etc
  • Perfect for professional salon or home use nail care!

Package: 1 x Top Coat 0.5 Fl Oz + Top Coat 0 .5 Fl Oz

The Top Base Coat binds effectively with the natural nail to provide adhesion. This enables to gel polish to stick to the nail for a longer-lasting gel manicure.

Finish your gel manicure with our Top Coat. Apply, cure under your lamp and finish by wiping with cleanser for the ultimate shine. Our top coat protects your gel manicure for long-lasting results.

How To Prepare

  1. 1. Trim and shape the nails, push back the cuticles gently.
  2. 2. File nail surface slightly, then buff a bit.
  3. 3. Wipe down the nails with gel cleanser or remover.

Beware: It’s important to ensure your nails are completely dry, clean and oil-free before applying gel nail polish.

How to Apply

  1. Step: Apply Base coat, and cure under UV lamp for 1 minute, LED light for 60 seconds. (Cure times vary per lighting system.)
  2. Step: Apply color in a thin application. Cure under UV lamp for 2 minutes, LED light for 30-60 seconds.
  3. Step: Apply second coat, then cure under UV lamp for 2 minutes, LED light for 60-90 seconds.
  4. Step: Apply No Wipe Top coat and cure under UV lamp for 2 mins, LED light for 60-90 seconds.

How to Remove:

  1. Lightly buff off the the top coat of nails using a nail file.
  2. Apply the magic gel polish remover on the nails ( Only used for nail and Non-direct contact with the skin. Wash immediately if contact occurs. )
  3. Wait 3-5 minutes to peel off the gel polish and base coat gel polish.


  • With gel nail polish, please always apply thin layer each time!
  • Please clean gel around nails prior curing!
  • Try lower wattage lamp if you were sensitive to heat.


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