Sumifun Cervical Patch 12 Pcs

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  • Widely Application – Sumifun pain patch can help relieve fatigue, muscle pain, promote blood circulation, stiff shoulders, ect.
  • Easy to Use – You can cut the patch to any size you wish to fit the site of your pain. Portable and lightweight, it is convenient to carry and anytime use. It is recommended that the patch be used for 6-8 hours each time, 5 times a week.
  • Multi-purpose Patch: The moxibustion patch has a self-heating function, which can promote cell metabolism and promote blood circulation. Moxibustion patch is suitable for neck, shoulders, knees, ankles and various parts of the body. It can relieve all kinds of pain related to cervical spine pain.
  • Natural Ingredients: The pain relief patch is made of Chinese traditional previous plants wormwood. Natural plant extract, safe and no stimulation. The wormwood extract sticker has good air permeability and water permeability to prevent skin from sweat in long-term use.
  • Pack Include: You will get a total of 96 Sumifun pain relieving patches. Customer happiness is important to us. We work for your health and pleasure, if have any problems with it, you can contact us anytime, we’ll do our best to serve you.

5 In stock



Package:12pcs in 1bag

  • Material: Plaster
  • Shelf Life: 2 Years
  • Size:13*10.3cm


  • To treat and relieve cervical pain and neck pain.
  • Assist treatment for cervical spine, shoulder periarthritis, lumbar muscle strain, and knee joint aches.
  • Relatively large viscosity, heating wormwood patch repair, more moderate.
  • Applicable to wind, cold, wet, the neck, and shoulder, caused by the evil of the waist, legs, and other joints and a variety of pain caused by soft tissue contusion.
  • Suitable for temporary relief of minor aches and pain in muscles and joints.
  • Associated with simple backache arthritis, strain bruise and sprain, and Rheumatism relief.
  • Keep away from children to avoid accidental poisoning.











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