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Wahlburger Retro Green 4s best quality shoes. Those sneakers are an ode to The Wahlberg restaurant, which is in many locations. These shoes are coveted by many, owing to their sheer rarity.

Inspired by his family’s ever-growing burger chain, Equipped with the burger joints signature “W” logo on its tongue, the kicks are doused in green accompanied by translucent wings and outsoles with removable Wahlburgers logo tongue patches. Additional details include a green paint speckle on the wings and black midsole, as well as a small black “Wahlburgers” tag stationed near the mesh panel.

Do You Know What a PE Is?

PE stands for “Player Edition” or “Player Exclusives.” Quite simply, this means the shoe has been created especially for a certain athlete – typically a basketball or American football player.

How are Player Edition Shoes Designed?

Player Edition shoes are typically designed in collaboration between the athlete and the brand’s design team. Here are the general steps in the design process:

  • Athlete Input: The athlete provides input on what they want in the shoe, such as specific colors, materials, fit, and performance features. They may also provide inspiration or ideas for the overall design.
  • Concept Sketches: Based on the athlete’s input, the design team creates sketches or digital renderings of the shoe. These sketches are reviewed and refined until the athlete is satisfied with the design.
  • Prototype Creation: Once the design is finalized, the design team creates a prototype of the shoe. This can be done using 3D printing, computer-aided design (CAD), or traditional materials like foam and rubber.
  • Testing and Feedback: The athlete tests the prototype and provides feedback on how the shoe performs on the court. They may request changes or modifications to improve the fit or performance of the shoe.

Production: Once the design and performance of the shoe are finalized, the production process begins. The shoe may be handcrafted or manufactured using machines, depending on the complexity of the design.

Marketing: Player Edition shoes are often marketed as exclusive, limited-edition products. The brand may work with the athlete to promote the shoe on social media or through other marketing channels.

Who designs Retro 4s?

Discover the Nike Retro Green 4, the second model created by sneaker icon Tinker Hatfield in 1989. This iconic shoe debuted in 4 OG colorways and took the world by storm with its striking aesthetics and unique performance-enhancing features

how to clean Retro 4’s:

  1. Prep the shoe by removing the laces and setting them in a small solution of Cleaner and water. Let them soak while you clean the shoe.
  2. Next, take the dry brush and brush away and excess dirt or surface level stains.
  3. Wet the bristle brush and drizzle a few drops of product on the brush. Apply the solution to the shoe in small circular motions making sure to completely cover the shoe.
  4. Once properly covered, wipe clean with a dry towel. Repeat these steps until the shoe is sparkling clean!
  5. Apply an even coating of Water and Stain Repellent to protect the shoe from water and help them stay fresh for weeks. Let the solution dry into the material for 24 hours before wearing


  • Style: Running shoes, Walking Shoes, Retro Shoes, Court Sneakers
  • Outsole Material: EVA
  • Upper Material: LYCRA, Microfiber
  • Lining Material: Mesh, Cotton Fabric
  • Feature: Fashion Trend, Light Weight, Anti-slip
  • Midsole Material: EVA
  • Season: Summer, Spring, Autumn
  • Type: Running Shoes Walking Shoes
  • Color: Green
  • Available Size: 42-43
  • Gender: Unisex Mens Woman’s
  • Closure Type: Lace-on

Packaging Details

  • Box: Shoes Box
  • Selling Units:
  • Single item: 1 Pair
  • Package Size: 36X26X13 cm
  • Weight: 1 kg

Wahlburgers Air Cushion Sneakers 4 Wahlburgers Air Cushion Sneakers 3 Wahlburgers Air Cushion Sneakers 2 Jordaneliedly Blank Basketball Style Shoes size chart

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42, 43

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